Three more site updates…

Thursday, October 20, 2005 7:50 PM

First, I added a home page… no more auto redirect into my blog.  Yet again, thanks to Heather for this one. 

Second, my about page was updated with fresher content and a bit more info.

Two nights ago I made a modification that ensures all subscribers to my RSS feed are now going through my Feedburner URL ( and no longer the default .Text RSS feed.  As I mentioned, this didn’t take into account those who were subscribing to specific categories of my feeds, which I mentioned a while back I planned to remove the RSS feeds for the categories.  Why?  I wanted all syndication going through FeedBurner for various reasons I won’t go into again, you can read the reasons why here and here.

By the way, impressive numbers once I forced all syndications to Feedburner.  My daily reader stats jumped 3–fold… and that’s not including the next change I made.

Tonight I disabled the category specific RSS feeds and those who were subscribing to my category feeds are now getting my Feedburner feed.  How?  It’s actually quite easy.  All you have to do is (1) create an assembly that returns the 301 Moved Permanently HTTP status code back to the requester with the new URL of your feed and (2) made a modification in the web.config of .Text to tell the engine to use your assembly and not the .Text engine.

The code for the assembly is as follows:

Now, find the following line in your web.config:

Change the assembly that should be doing all the work for requests matching the category RSS pattern:

AndrewConnell.Blog.Rss.CategoryRedirect, AndrewConnell.Blog.Rss" handlerType = "Direct" /> 
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