TiVo posts it’s first quarter profit … but future quarters don’t look so bright…

Friday, August 26, 2005 2:31 AM

Yesterday’s Wall Street Journal had a short overview of the TiVo conference call from Wednesday where they released that TiVo made a profit in the quarter ending July 31 of $240,000.  However they issued a warning as they have elected to aggressively spend to boost their marketing.

Another fact was mentioned during the call.  They added 254,000 new subscribers in the quarter.  However, 214,000 of them (roughly 84%) were from DirecTV subscribers.  The DirecTV-TiVo partnership is no more as of early 2007, showing how much TiVo is relying upon DirecTV.  This isn’t an echo of the death watch that some have called for, but that seems quite ominous to me.