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TiVoToGo! No way!!! No freaking way!!!!

I’m in HEAVEN!!!! From their press release :

New TiVo® Service Release Ushers in Era of “TiVo To Go” Portable, Mobile TiVo Experience!

January 8, 2004 - LAS VEGAS – INTERNATIONAL CONSUMER ELECTRONICS SHOW – TiVo (NASDAQ: TIVO) announced today it intends to deliver a new service release in the Fall of 2004 called “TiVoToGoTM.” For the first time, TiVo subscribers with Home Media Option(TM) will be able to move their favorite programs stored on a TiVo DVR to a laptop for viewing on the road, or to any PC. For those who have a PC equipped with a DVD burner, programs can then be burned to DVD so users can take the TiVo experience with them wherever they go.

“We’re now giving consumers the freedom and control to determine where they enjoy entertainment, whether it’s at home, in a car, on a plane – or anywhere on the road,” said Brodie Keast, Senior Vice President and General Manager of the TiVo Service.

How “TiVoToGo” WorksAccessing “TiVoToGo” requires a TiVo Content Security Key and TiVo-enabled versions of the Sonic Solution (NASDAQ: SNIC) MyDVD® and CinePlayer(TM) applications.

Sonic Solutions, the leader in DVD creation software, has teamed with TiVo to develop TiVo-enabled versions of Sonic’s MyDVD and CinePlayer applications. Once this software is installed on the PC, the new TiVo-enabled MyDVD and CinePlayer software from Sonic will make it easy to find the “Now Playing” programs on any networked TiVo DVR in the home.

Once selected, the secure and encrypted TiVo recorded programs are moved to the PC, where the TiVo Content Security Key is used to unlock the files for playback or burning, preventing files from being shared online, outside of the user’s home network.

The TiVo Content Security Key and the TiVo-enabled versions of Sonic Solution’s MyDVD and CinePlayer applications will be sold as a bundle at .

The “TiVo to Go” service upgrade, TiVo Content Security Key and the Sonic software will all be available in Fall 2004.

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