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Time for dad to be proud...

Excuse me while I take this .NET / MCMS / SharePoint / gearhead blog away and share a bit of my life. It’s been six months to the day since our son (our first) Steven was born. I was one of those guys who never went charging into it saying “I’m ready to have a baby!” I was more of the type “Now is a good time, don’t want to wait too long and be 60 when he’s graduating.”

So the first two months were good… had some weight gain issues, but that was settled within a month and he was quickly packing on the pounds. Around month 2.5, he started to really follow us, look around the room for our voices, and start to find his arms/hands. Months 4–6 have been a blast! Everyone says it, and now I will… these are great times. It’s absolutely hilarious to see him start laughing… just a little party animal! A 45–50 minute commute each day makes times we get to spend with him Monday-Friday slim, but things are fine, and weekends are great.

Today was his 6–month birthday as well as his 6–month checkup. As Meredith posted to his site tonight, he’s now 23lbs 6oz and 30” long. The doctor said he’s the size of an average one year old! A few weeks ago we took a great two-week vacation where we got tons of great pictures & videos which I’ve included in this post.

These are good times.

Andrew Connell
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Written by Andrew Connell

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