To my readers: sign my guest book using Google’s GuestMap 2007!

Sunday, February 25, 2007 6:23 PM

[via Scott Hanselman]

Scott might have tipped the blogosphere off to the next hot thing: Google’s GuestMap’s. For free, you can create a guest map where people can sign your guest book, enter in their address, and have them appear on a map of the globe! This is way cool!

I just set mine up (very easy, just go here and fill out the form)… so I ask all my readers: where are you? Sign my Google Maps Guest Map! I’ve always wanted to know who my readers are. Sometimes you’re fortunate and see them at conferences and such, other times you just meet them through business. In any case, its always nice to meet your readers and not feel like you’re blogging into the great abyss.

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