Todd Bleeker’s Recycle Bin ROCKS

Sunday, October 9, 2005 6:03 AM

I thought I posted about this already, but when I went to reference the post, it wasn’t there!  So, if you’re into SharePoint, and have been under a rock the last few days (as I’m person #96 to recycle this info), here’s my $.02.

What’s awesome about Todd’s solution is that it’s zero-touch server deployment… ok, and that it’s FREE!  I had the op to beta his Deleted Items Document Library a few times the last few months.  It’s a fantastic solution that meets many user’s requirements.  Because it’s all in an STP, there are a few things that it can’t account for.  For example, if you delete a document from a mapped drive, or from the Windows Explorer, well it just can’t account for that. 

I had the pleasure last week to see someone’s (Angus) reaction to seeing it for the very first time as the three of us blew off the last session of the Publisher Summit one day (something about a business solution).  This is probably the best, least impact, solution for organizations who need this capability, meeting 90% of the needs.  What I haven’t done is pick through Todd’s code… what a case study!

Run don’t walk to…

» Mindsharp’s FREE Deleted Items Document Library Custom List Template

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