Top session at SharePoint Conference 2009

Tuesday, November 3, 2009 1:03 AM

Two weeks ago I presented two breakout sessions and a full-day post conference workshop at the SharePoint Conference. Before the show Microsoft setup a little contest for the top speakers for Microsoft and non-Microsoft speakers. I’m sure this was to incentivize many speakers to do the best they could do as this was a big coming out party for SharePoint 2010 and Microsoft wanted to put on a great show (that they did). While creating a session for a conference is a lot of work, presenting to a big group of people who are interested in learning something new is a lot of fun for me.

In all three of my sessions I had a blast… hopefully lots of great technical info, a little bit of unplanned humor (gotta love that blank error dialog when SharePoint Designer 2010 said “click here for more details”) and hopefully everyone learned something.

There were over 250 breakout sessions at the show. Last night I saw this little nugget cross through the Twitterverse. One of my breakout sessions, SPC406 - Creating a Custom Service Application, was rated as the top non-Microsoft breakout session of the show by the attendee evaluations. Got to love that last time slot and the 400 level session (which really could have been a 700 level). All I did was build the most scalable calculator in the world using the new service architecture that added two numbers together! :)

For those of you who attended and submitted an eval, I wish I could thank each of you individually. I’m glad you enjoyed the show and I hope you learned something in the process.

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