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Treo 650 followup (short review, accessories, and recommendations)

It’s now been two weeks since I switched from AT&T Wireless/Cingular to SprintPCS and ditched my Motorolla MPx200 for a Treo 650 … and I can’t believe how happy I am! I’m going going to hash the features of the Treo because plenty of sites will have that but I do have a few comments…

MS SmartPhone vs. PalmOS Based Phone

I used to love my SmartPhone… thought it was the best OS for phones. But I have to say that I’m surprised by how easy & fast the PalmOS is. While faster processors and memory always help, it seems, or at least feels, like the SmartPhone was a little more bloated. In phone most, the Treo is great… the numbers on the screen are easy to press, but it does take some getting used to. I especially like the five (5) pages of fourteen (14) “favorite” or hot buttons. You can get to these buttons via the 5-way d-pad and these buttons can be anything from speed dials to app shortcuts, shortcuts to SMS messages and emails. Very handy when you’re driving. The ringer volume, call volume, and speakerphone volume are all nice and loud. I was one of those who always had my volume on any phone I owned maxed out, but my ringer is usually set to 3 or 4 of 7 settings on the Treo. The designers of the Treo were also brilliant with adding a switch at the top of the phone to manually put the phone in silent mode (I hated having to walk through my menus on the SmartPhone to do this).


I’ve bought three apps so far… two are musts.. the other is for fun.

  • Iliumsoft eWallet This app sync’s with your desktop & Treo to always have important info like bank accounts, passwords, etc… all encrypted 128bit accessible with a pin number.
  • ZLauncher Customize your “Start Menu” and launch apps straight off your SD memory card.
  • Eric Snider’s Blackjack Gotta have some fun right?


  • The first thing I got was a 1GB SD SanDisk card for about $70 … I plan to run all my apps off it.
  • I also got a bluetooth USB adapter for work to make sync’ing easier… the Belkin I got works great!
  • I also got a little pouch for it so I don’t have to keep it in my pocket… so far, I like it as well.
  • Finally, my favoite addition: a bluetooth headset. I am truly shocked at the volume and clarity… you gotta get this: Sony Ericsson HBH-600 … and make sure you get it from Dave’s Cellular on ebay to get a free car charger for the headset.


Check these following sites for some great accessories, news, forums, etc.


I made a reference to this in my original post … so far no progress. I’m a .NET developer who would really like to stick with .NET, but it looks like I do need to get into Java. Oh well.

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