Two big acquisitions: Feedburner buys

Tuesday, July 18, 2006 7:49 PM

Two acquisitions came across my aggregator in the last two days that I didn’t notice until this afternoon… both are quite substantial!

FeedBurner acquires BlogbeatFeedBurner, the company who’s service I use to syndicate my RSS feed, purchased Blogbeat, a service that analyzes syndicated content feeds (RSS/ATOM), an effort to add additional statistics for publishers to view how their content is being consumed. Why did they do it? Put quite simply on the acquisition FAQ:

Our publishers want insight into the relationship between their feed subscribers and their site visitors. We aim to please.» FeedBurner acquires Blogbeat - FAQs

I’m excited! While it will likely take months to integrate the systems, I can’t wait to get even more detailed stats on my content consumers. I was already contemplating purchasing FeedBurner’s TotalStats Pro service for even more detailed stats on my feed.

» FeedBurner Press Release

Microsoft acquires SysInternalsI’d say this was an epic move, except for the fact that all of the SysInternals utilities I use and promote (like those I mentioned during my talks at JAXDUG & Tampa Code Camp last week). At any rate, to see the possibility of the SysInternals tools being baked into Vista and/or future Windows versions or available as PowerToys flat out rocks!

» SysInternals Press Release

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