Two weeks later with an iPhone…

Thursday, July 31, 2008 8:59 AM

After my last post on the iPhone, I went out and put an order in for a white iPhone 3G. I’ve now had it for just over two weeks and thought I’d had enough time to give it a report. First of all, I just love this device. Make note I’m not calling it a phone… because it isn’t… its a device. I’ve set it up to sync with my Exchange mailbox for email, contacts and the calendar. I can sum up my thoughts to be in line with the mantra so many Apple junkies: it just works.

Some thoughts:

The Phone Experience…

… absolutely rocks. The only complaint I have here is that the contact list is sluggish. Jumping to a keypad to dial numbers or enter numbers for automated systems is easy, visual voicemail rocks and the favorite list is quite nice (a list of your “pinned” contact numbers). What really stood out to me was how easy it was to switch from my bluetooth headset to the iPhone or to the speakerphone. I’ve had Palm & Windows Mobile phones in the past… from Treo’s to little Motorola flip phones to the new Motorola Q… and none of them had a easy switching mechanism. It’s just effortless with the iPhone… and it just works every time.

The iPhone Experience…

… is quite nice. I thought I’d have trouble with the keyboard but I don’t for the most part. In fact, the typo fixer algorithm in the iPhone is so nice, I wish I had it on my laptop! I also love how there’s no real menu, rather a boat-load of buttons on pages that I can arrange. I can even put a bookmark of websites on the “home page”. And now my site’s logo will also show up when you bookmark my site! :)

SMS is cool too… more conversational like I had back on my old Palm Treo 650… like an IM conversation. I always hated how SMS on WM was only showing you the last response and you couldn’t see the message when responding to someone else’s SMS.

Everything else…

The universal integration of the different apps is quite slick. Being able to select an address in most apps that launches Google Maps is very handy… as is clicking on a phone number. My only complaint: not all numbers are phone numbers. For instance, your Delta Skymiles number has the same number of digits as a US-based phone number so when I click on the link in the Delta mobile site, it tries to call my Skymiles number. The result: I can’t get to those links on my iPhone. :(

The email & calendar experience is quite pleasant as well. I love how easy it is to delete mass quantities of email than it is on the Windows Mobile interface.

Battery life has not been an issue for me. People complain it’s short… well, the new Moto Q has the same spec’d lifetime as the iPhone. I leave 3G off (since I won’t get service with it at my house) and when not traveling, turn off the Push email. I’ve found that to be better so I’m not always in my phone checking email.

I do have a few complaints:

  • The vibrate feature sucks… its way too subtle.
  • No way (that I’ve found) to configure SMS to vibrate… it’s either all or none.
  • Email folders: unlike in WM, you don’t pick which folders to sync. Instead, it syncs subfolders in your inbox on demand. That’s nice since you now have access to anything, but it stinks because there is no expand/collapse of the folders; they are all expanded. For someone like me who has hundreds of folders (each client/job/trip has its own), that’s a PITA trying to get to a deeply nested folder. So much so, I’ve never seen my Sent Items folder. :(

So what’s on your iPhone?

Here’s mine:

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