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Last week after the SharePoint Conference 2009 wrapped up in Las Vegas, Meredith flew out for a long weekend. On Friday night we jumped on a party bus that left from the Bellagio and headed to UNLV to see U2's 360 tour (set list here). It was BY FAR the best concert I've ever seen. Thankfully one of my favorite U2 songs was part of the act (the last song before the encore: Where the Streets Have No Name.

Black Eyed Peas opened up and did a fantastic job getting the crowed pumped up... a TON of fun! Here are a few pictures from the show:

IMG_5587Click for larger picture IMG_0325Click for larger picture
IMG_0326Click for larger picture IMG_0340Click for larger picture
IMG_0340Click for larger picture IMG_0349Click for larger picture

And here are some videos we took from our little digi cam... not the best quality, but good enough. I especially liked Magnificent and Streets Have No Name:

If you get a chance to see U2 on the 360 tour, do it. Pay out the nose on Stubhub to get your tickets... it's worth it!

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