U2U CAML Query Builder & Execution Tool

Monday, March 28, 2005 1:48 AM

One word: WOW. Patrick Tisseghem has a post on his blog which he details a ~free~ tool U2U (his company) released that… well he says it best:

CAML itself is the abbreviation of Collaborative Application Markup Language. It is an XML-based query language that helps you querying, building and customizing Web sites based on Windows SharePoint Services. The XML elements define various aspects of a WSS site. In the first version of our CAML Builder tool, only the query aspect of CAML is worked out. The tool will help you build, test and execute your CAML queries.

The damn thing is free!!! Take a second to read through the article. I can’t wait to start playing around with this!

» U2U CAML Query Builder & Execution Tool

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