Upgraded to Subtext v1.9, and comment policy update…

Friday, September 1, 2006 7:32 PM
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Yesterday Subtext v1.9 was released. Tonight I upgraded my blog to Subtext v1.9… now I'm running pure ASP.NET 2.0 goodness baby! This version is a port from ASP.NET 1.1 to ASP.NET 2.0 with a bunch of bug fixes and a handful of new features. One new feature you'll notice is the addition of gravatars in the comments of my posts.

If you enter your email address and you have created a gravatar (globally recognized avatar), your mugshot will appear next to your comment. Here's what my gravatar looks like. if you enter your email and don't have a gravatar, a default image will appear. If you don't enter an email, well, nothing appears. Check this post's comments out to see what gravatars look like (I'll add a comment immediately after uploading this post). Read more about gravatars here.

The other big feature that Subtext v1.9 adds is the ability to moderate all comments, which I have turned on. I'm a huge proponent of making it as easy as possible to submit comments to someone's blog and I hope this doesn't drive any of my readers away from submitting comments. I just can't stand for all the garbage and obscene posts that have been hitting my blog (along with many others) in the last few weeks. I get email notifications when comments are submitted and I promise to approve ALL of them as long as they aren't comment spam (even the negative ones). I'm also using ReverseDOS and I constantly update the filter rules, but you can only do so much. To avoid having a valid comment getting trapped, just don't enter more than 2 URLs into a comment or any swear, obscene, medical prescriptions, or gambling words in the commands. I've added some text to my comment form to explain that I've turned moderation on. To my readers: I apologize for having to do this, but its makes it a cleaner blog!

Next on tap… revamp my blog skin. The UI won't change with a few exceptions (more like embellishments), but I do want to switch it from an HTML table-based design to a pure CSS design so it will render faster and, well, just be CSS only! The trick: I'm a gear head, and CSS always gives me fits, so don't expect this anytime soon. Now… how to create a CSS implementation of a three column table, with the outer cells have a static width and the center cell be fluid…

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