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User management is no longer a pain in SharePoint with DeliverPoint from Barracuda Tools!

Yesterday, we launched a new site and product aimed at solving your user and group management tasks within your SharePoint Portal server & Windows SharePoint Services implementations: & DeliverPoint .

What happens when you’ve got to get a user out of your farm? Find a dev to write a script to iterate through your whole farm and remove them. What about when your boss comes over and says “what does John Doe have access to in our SharePoint farm?” Uh… crap… another script. What about when Jim gets promoted and Jane takes over Jim’s role? Jane needs rights to all the sites (SPS/WSS) that Jim had access to… ideally it would be nice if she could get all his alerts as well right? No more scripts! Enter DeliverPoint by Barracuda Tools !

Features at a glance:

  • Clone users and group permissions and their alerts
  • Delete user and group permissions, their alerts, and/or their My Sites
  • Transfer users and group permissions and their alerts
  • Access statistical reporting for your farm, virtual servers, managed paths, and/or site collections
  • Visually see where permissions inheritance is broken within a portal or site collection
  • Discover where an individual user has permissions across the entire farm in one interface


  • Clean-up SharePoint accounts when employees change positions or leave the company
  • Give new employees access to all the sites and information they need right from the start
  • Ensure you are compliant with your information security policies
  • Stop e-mail notifications from users who are no longer in your farm
  • Discover where a user has permissions across an entire farm
  • Commit a single administrative act that works seamlessly across the entire farm

But hey, don’t just take my word for it, go get a free 14-day full version trial and try it for yourself!

Now the lack of posts to my blog over the last few months should make a little more sense. :)

Andrew Connell
Developer & Chief Course Artisan, Voitanos LLC. | Microsoft MVP
Written by Andrew Connell

Andrew Connell is a web developer with a focus on Microsoft Azure & Microsoft 365. He’s received Microsoft’s MVP award every year since 2005 and has helped thousands of developers through the various courses he’s authored & taught. Andrew’s the founder of Voitanos and is dedicated to delivering industry-leading on-demand video training to professional developers. He lives with his wife & two kids in Florida.