Using VS 2005, MakeCab, and MSBuild to Create WSS Solution Files (*.WSP's)

Wednesday, December 20, 2006 5:24 AM
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In my last post, I explained why I think you should use WSS features and solutions to move layout files (such as master pages, page layouts, CSS files, JavaScript files, images, etc.) from one environment to another. In that post I argued why this is a better or more prefered option. At the end I mentioned I'd show you how I use Visual Studio to build my features as well as building the solution.

As promised, I've documented how I do this using Visual Studio 2005, MakeCab.exe and MSBuild to create solution files without using Visual Studio's CAB Project template. The entire customization process (only three “extra” steps in customizing a OOTB VS project) is outlined in the following article:

» Using Visual Studio 2005, MakeCab.exe and MSBuild to Create Window SharePoint Services v3 Solution Files (*.WSP's)

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