Verizon’s 4GLTE Speeds Just Blew Me Away

Friday, April 8, 2011 5:19 PM

As someone who travels quite a bit, a few years ago I signed up for the Verizon 3G mifi device that acted as a 5-port WIFI hotspot. This came in quite hanqdy when traveling and saved money overall as the price for one month was far below what it would cost me for one week of internet service in your typical hotel.

But I got greedy and thought the grass was greener on the other side…

Last year I switched to what I thought would be faster service with the Sprint Overdrive 4G device. Long story short, I had a horrible experience with the device (battery life of 15 minutes!) and poor coverage & service (I never was able to use 4G… the device connected but I could never get out… it’s like Sprint was overtaxed on their 4G network… which I don’t know but that’s what it seemed like). So earlier this week I cancelled my Sprint contract and switched back to Verizon.

This time I picked up the new 4G mifi device. Their new Samsung 4GLTE device is also a 5-port WIFI hub. I got it today and just now tried out the connection. Suffice to say, I was BLOWN AWAY. Check out these numbers… these is the lowest test results out of 5 tests:

Verizon 4GLTE Service (Samsung MIFI device):

I couldn’t believe my eyes… almost 15MB downstream and over 3MB upstream? Seriously? Over a cellular connection? I’m not even in a major metro area (search for coverage in the zipcode 32259)OK, I had to compare this to something. So I disconnected from the Verizon mifi and connected to my home WIFI. My house is connected to a very fast Comcast business class internet service. I won’t go into pricing, but it is more than what I pay for my Verizon mifi monthly by almost 30%. Check out these numbers:

Comcast Business Class Internet Service:

Seriously? The cellular Verizon 4GLTE service just beat out the Comcast business class service down stream and was only 30% better upstream? Now THAT is impressive Verizon… 4GLTE is living up to its name!

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