Visual Studio .NET 2005 & Pricing

Friday, March 25, 2005 1:05 AM
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At times you feel like the last one to blog about something.  I’m fairly surprised that Microsoft has elected not to include the Team Foundation Server in the top level MSDN subscription this time around.  I thought we had access to all products?  Hopefully there’s enough push back that they’ll consider.  For now, I don’t care for it, don’t plan to drop the extra cash for it, and just want to reference some very interesting posts:

» MS Press Release: Microsoft Details Pricing and Licensing for Visual Studio 2005 and Simplifies Microsoft Developer Network Subscriptions » VS2005 Pricing and Licensing: A Pile of Facts and Some Opinions» Eric Bowen: Visual Studio 2005 Team Foundation Server NOT included in MSDN subscription!» Eric Sink: Comments on the pricing of Team System» Frans Bouma: Why Microsoft makes a mistake with the MSDN subscription changes.

If you don’t like the pricing model, consider TestDriven.NET and NCover are free.

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