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Wednesday, February 28, 2007 4:05 AM

It’s no secret to those close to me that even though I’m an American to the core, I still hold true to my heritage as an Irishman (so what if it’s been a few generations when the O’Connell’s came across the ditch and dropped the “O” from our name). Want to win me over at a conference? Easy: buy me a Guinness or a Black & Tan. :)

All hip to a new album by one of my favorite bands that was released a few weeks ago. The Young Dubliners released With All Due Respect: The Irish Sessions… a fantastic album! If you’re not familiar with the Dubs, I like to describe them as a rock band with a strong Irish influence… we’re talking violins, harmonicas, etc. Want a sample? Check out the video on Amazon of one of the new tracks performed live: If I Should Fall from Grace with God.

Best part: the Dubs get you going… always upbeat, a fast temp… great stuff! Oh, and a FANTASIC group to see live… seen them in the House of Blues in Vegas and a few bars/clubs in Jacksonville. Can’t wait for the tour to hit the south east of the USA! Come back to JAX Dubs!

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