What stands out to me… damn that’s cool!

Friday, December 12, 2003 12:02 PM

Seems like everyone has a top ten these days from David Letterman, to Sports Illustrated, ESPN, FOXNews… you name it. Each person has their favorite things that they feel so strongly about including me! So, I’ve decided to tout my favorite toys and applications.

This little thread in my blog will contain things (toys) that I have found to be very useful or I think are just plain cool (like XM Radio & Smartphones) as well as applications from games but likely focusing on work-related tools (like Outlook, w.bloggar, etc). I’ll also give my $.02 on the latest books I’ve read (work/pleasure), articles etc.

As I stumble across things, I’ll write about them. At first, I’ll cover a lot of things I’ve been wanting to spout off about.

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