When I win the lotto…

Tuesday, October 26, 2004 8:40 AM

We all have that dream right? Well, when I win and I have more time to do my own pet projects, I’m going to do my personal media center, which will have hooks to Windows Media Center & Tivo’s Home Media Option… but more importantly it will make it easy to rename your digital photos, catalog your movies, backup personal media, even have a slick ID3 tagger for MP3/WMA files.

Why? I’m so sick of why it’s so hard to find something that does the file renaming in a very easy and fast way that it’s not painless, while preserving the unique names of your photos! WHY IS IT SO HARD!?!?! I have great ideas… I just need the time to develop them (and with a baby on the way, no way do I plan to start that project now)!

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