When SharePoint’s navigation doesn’t cut the mustard…

Thursday, September 16, 2004 1:34 PM

I’m in the midst of a big SharePoint implementation project. It involves multiple portals, WSS sites, non SharePoint sites, and integration with MCMS. The whole project is for a single site, but is actually going to be a collection of numerous sites (as you can see with multiple portals and WSS sites). The problem is, even with Shared Services, SharePoint doesn’t organize all these portals under a logical hierarchy… they are all in a flat representation.

No user wants that… you want a central point with a hierarchial organization of all the resources… be it an area, subarea, WSS site, portal, or a non SharePoint site. Since the SharePoint navigation doesn’t provide this OOB, we’re building our own. I can already tell you it’s a tall task. If you’ve had experience creating custom user controls and adding them to the portal site definition files, I’d really be interested in talking to you… please contact me!

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