When advertising takes priority over content…

Sunday, January 16, 2005 11:16 AM

I think there are a few links that just about everyone (no matter where you are, and of “caring“ age [someone old enough who cares about the weather]) who even just casually gets online:

  • News (local, national, industry specific, etc)
  • Weather (local, national, etc)

I use IE, and I have a link to weather.com’s detail page for my zip code.  However, after going to that page in the last few days, I’m flat out shocked at how weather.com has prioritized ad placement and revenue over the display of their content.  There are three things I’m looking for when I go to a weather forecast:

  • Current conditions
  • Next few day’s forecast
  • Current regional radar/satellite image

It’s all on that page linked above, but you have to scroll WAY too much to see it all.  I understand it’s a free service, and they have the right to generate ad revenue on their site… but man, this is incredibly absurd.

… by the way, just switched from weather.com to Intellicast.

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