Where’s AC, site issues update, and last followup from the WCM Webcast

Friday, May 5, 2006 4:14 AM
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    Where’s AC?

    Wow… the whole month of April went by with only 9 posts, my lowest total since May 2004. Why? I’ve been quite heads down working feverishly on a project over the last 2-3 months. Lots of first time stuff for me in this project… things we take for granted when we buy someone else’s product. But there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. Looking forward to spouting off more about this project when it’s live. At any rate, I’m still alive and will be back to posting more frequently soon. Got a few posts already lined up, just need the time to put it all together.

    Site Issues Update

    Two weeks ago I started having major issues with my site. At that time I was running a self-modified version of .Text… suddenly, without any code changes, my site was responsible for excessive memory consumption. With plans to upgrade to SubText, I elected to speed my self imposed deadline and rapidly upgrade my DB and site. At first I wasn’t going to reskin my site, but I elected to peek into the source to see how big of a deal it would be. In short, not much at all, I had my SubText site reskinned in under 30 minutes! Unfortunately this didn’t resolve the issue. After many support emails, I finally pulled my site from my host and stood it up in another environment I had more control over. Again, because all my time is consumed with the project mentioned eariler in this post, I can’t spend any time doing any real troubleshooting. For now, my site is still in a temporary state of flux, but at least my RSS feed is alive and you should be able to access the site. I’d actually like to hear from my readers if they notice a access/speed issue with my site, if you’re so inclined. Hopefully I can get this resolved in the next 2 weeks or so.

    Final WCM Webcast Followup

    Earlier this week I got a report from the producer of my MSDN webcast on the Evolusion of CMS->WCM in MOSS 2007. Aside from stats on registrations, attendees, and participats, it included reviews and comments. Most of the comments deal with audio problems during the webcast. I didn’t have much control over that, but the recorded version sounded fine to me so if you missed anything, you can grab a copy (only a 7MB download) for offline viewing. There’s a link to the download location in my followup post. There were a few other comments I want to address briefly:

    A few people said they would have liked to have seen more demos and less slides. Me too! But as those who saw it know, there’s such a change from the existing MCMS that a lot of explination of what’s changing is required. Others said they would have liked to have seen more demos of the actual master page & page layout creation in SharePoint Designer (SPD). Hey, I would have too, but for those dev’s in the MOSS TAP/Beta program are well aware, SPD just isn’t there quite yet in B1TR. That’s not a slam on SPD, it’s just part of the beta cycle. With B2 around the corner (sometime in the next two months), I’m sure we’ll see a much more stable and feature filled SharePoint Designer.

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