Whoo! New drop of DevExpress’ CodeRush & Refactor! Pro (v2.5.0)

Tuesday, August 7, 2007 4:54 PM
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[via Mark Miller]

DevExpress posted new updates to CodeRush & Refactor! Pro. They are now up to 111 refactorings available… as Mark said… priced at $99, that's only $0.91/refactoring!

Some of the cool ones added that I'll def. be using right off the bat:

  • Encapsulate Field
  • Extract String to Resource
  • Inline Constant
  • Rename Type to Match File
  • Convert Color to [HEX|Named Color|RGB]

Check out Mark's post for a list of all 120 refactorings (including early previews of those that just aren't quite gold yet).

Another big deal in this drop is that they have full support for Visual Studio 2008. As someone who has yet to touch the VS2005 betas, this doesn't do much for me… yet, but I'm sure it does for others.

Oh… and for you SharePoint developers: I'll have some CR/Refactor goodness just for you on my blog coming soon. Talk about being more productive :)

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