Why I don’t trust FireFox? A lot of reasons…

Monday, December 20, 2004 5:28 AM
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I too am sticking with IE.  Not for all the reasons in the article by Peter (referenced below by Patrick), but because I am well aware tabbed browsing is not secure, and that the FireFox effort does not proactively patch their browser.  I like how Microsoft’s reputation is on the line if a vulnerability is discovered.  Does it hurt them when one is found?  Sure, but it’s fixed pretty quit. 

I will stick with IE. I know that it is fancy now to switch to FireFox and to start blaming IE for all the sins of the ‘software’ world. Well Peter, you have made my evening… Thanks for this posting. I completely agree with everything you write.

[Patrick Tisseghem’s Blog]

Update 1221: WOW… I didn’t realize simply linking to another post was going to generate such comments! I’m not slamming FireFox… in fact I did use it for a little while. As for the tabbed-browsing being insecure, I had read that one tabbed instance could access another tabbed instance… so a HTTP site could access what you’re sending an HTTPS site. Maybe the article I read was wrong.

Update 1221 #2: Comments are now closed.  I’m not going to put up with flammers swearing just because I stated an opinion that I prefered IE over FireFox and finding different ways to get curse words in their comments.  Looks like Peter has moderated comments… and is letting most of them through.

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