WinXP Pro SP2 installed… and I like it

Monday, September 20, 2004 5:52 AM

I installed SP2 this weekend on my desktop at home. I already had the Google bar for popups, McAfee for anti virus, and I run my network on internal IPs with only port 80 being forwarded through my router… so I already felt fairly secure. But I wanted SP2 because I know it’s got more than just security enhancements.

This was my second attempt at installing SP2. Both times I had the same problem. After the install, the PC would boot up, but the monitor would lose it’s signal from the PC after the black WinXP boot screen. The first time, I rolled back the changs via System Restore, but the second time I was determined to fix it. Finally realized it was likely a video driver problem, I updated the NVIDIA drivers for my GeForce2 MMX 440 AGPx8 card to the latest while in safe mode and it booted up the first time no problems!

I especially like the popup blocker. Seems Google’s didn’t catch everything, but SP2’s one sure does. I also like the security notifications when you go to install a new ActiveX control. Highly recommended

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