Windows 2003 Service Pack 1

Sunday, April 24, 2005 5:19 AM

The other day I installed service pack 1 on one of my Windows 2003 server VirtualPC’s… and last night I found two nuances that were very different from pre-SP1 behavior. 

First, when you create a new virtual directory in a virtual server in IIS, it isn’t set as a web application it’s created as a virtual directory.  So if you want it to be a separate web application, you need to manually create it yourself (previously Windows 2003 would automatically create it as a web application).  To do this, you view the properties of the virtual directory, go to the “Virtual Directory” tab, and click the “Create” button under the Application Settings section.

Second (and the one that caused me the most grief), by default, a new web application is created with execute permissions set to “none.” This kept any application from running within the virtual directory/web application.  It caused me grief because prior to SP1, it was at least set to execute scripts previously.  So you just have to go into the properties of the virtual directory/web application, goto the “Virtual Directory” tab, and select “Scripts only” or “Scripts and Executables” as the execute permissions.

So, the only two changes that bit me were simply more restrictive defaults.  They aren’t bugs or behaviors, and they are more secure.  Just something to notice or keep in mind after you install service pack 1.

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