Windows Media Center

Saturday, January 22, 2005 4:18 AM

In my recent frustrations with TiVo (explained enough here), coupled with a ton of recent posts on the bad news and forecasts of TiVo (as Matt points out), I started taking a more detailed look at Windows Media Center. My biggest inial concern was that I have DirecTV and I don’t want to part with it… but I see people are using an IR blaster just fine. So I got a copy of WMCE and I’m installing it on an old laptop just to tinker and see what it’s like (I also have a USB2 capture device I can pop on it to get a real feel).

If things go well, I think my 2005 pet project will be to build a killer WMCE box for the living room and move the TiVo to my office. I have a nice investment into TiVo (two Series2 boxes, networked), but this recent find, along with TivoToGo would let me manually move TiVo recordings to my WMCE box.

In my research, I’ve found a few good resources:

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