You spammers, even you blog spammers, flat out SUCK

Friday, May 27, 2005 7:05 PM

I rarely go off on a tirade… or curse on my blog.  But this is a damn good exception…

When my son was born, I setup a blog to make it easier for my wife and I to put posts up for news about him, as well as some pictures.  So… if you have a blog with ~any~ popularity you get hit with comment spam to your posts in an effort a handful of indexers like Google will index your content. Hey, I get my fare share even with a CAPTCHA.

Tonight, they crossed the line… 5 comments with PORN links… ON MY SON’S BLOG!

I would be shocked if anyone, other than me, had a link to Steven’s site (who really cares outside of family and close friends?  and of those, who would link to his site?!?!).  Google his name and the first two links are from my blog… the 4th one shows his site (ok fine, maybe there’s a BIT of an excuse for a spammer finding him). 

OK, one side of me says “cool! my son is 4 months old yesterday and if you Google his name, his own web site shows up 4th”, with my two references being 1 & 2!!!  The other side says “HOW can a damn spammer post porn to a KIDS site?”  I know, it’s prob some damn bot… I don’t care… this is pathetic.

Sooooo… to “Jason”… F-U (from me, my wife, and Steven)!  Try it again and ID yourself… I’d just love to meet you… or try it again and stay anonymous like the punk you are.

BTW: I’m intentionally not linking to his site in this post.  If you are curious to see him (or find out that today, at 4mo 1day old, he is in the 100th percentile for height [27.5”] and 97th percentile for weight [18lbs, 9oz… never met a bottle he didn’t like]), and took 4 shots fairly well, you’ll find a link on my blog or just goto his url @ www.[his_first_name][ourlastname].net (try to link that “Jason” you pr##k).

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