A Look Into Our Plans for Kerrb

Friday, November 15, 2013 12:05 PM

This excerpt is cross-posted from my post on the Kerrb Blog which you can read in it’s entirety here.

With this post, I want to take the opportunity to introduce the folks behind Kerrb and share with you some the behind the scenes with respect to our plans and how we are marching towards launch. First, our mission is to automate the cloud. This will start with a single feature: automatically shutting off virtual machines (VMs) running in Windows Azure VMs. We have many more features we have planned to add, but following a methodology we’ve adopted (more on that in a moment), we are currently marching towards launch with a product that has this single feature. The highest rated feature on our list after this one is to provide the same capability for customers who are hosting their VMs using Amazon’s AWS EC2 service.

Head over to the Kerrb Blog for the rest of this post to learn more about who’s behind Kerrb, the startup methodology used, how we are building kerrb and the pricing plans for Kerrb

» Kerrb Blog: A Look Into Our Plans for Kerrb

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