Check out the Office Dev Show - a Weekly Video Show from the OfficeDev Team at Microsoft

Wednesday, August 12, 2015 1:06 PM

The OfficeDev team at Microsoft recently launched a new weekly video show hosted by their own Sonya Koptyev.

It covers all things Office 365 development-related. In the show they discuss the capabilities and features available to developers to create custom extensibility on the Office platform, including Office, SharePoint, Office 365, and mobile development on other platforms hooking into Office. In addition they also cover topics around Getting Started building for the Office 365 platform with demo, examples, and live code writing.

I especially like that the shows are less than 30 minutes… nice to watch during a lunch break. So far they are up to 6 episodes… head over to Channel9 and check it out today!

» Channel9: Office Dev Show

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