Honored to be Highlighed by Mary Jo Foley As Community Champ

Wednesday, April 19, 2017 9:40 PM

I’m generally not one to make a big deal about being recognized for something, but yesterday something took me by quite a surprise.

Heads down working on my new course, I had been off social media for most of the day… something I do frequently so I can focus as social media makes me too ADD during the work day. At any rate, a friend messaged me with “congrats on the news!” Uh… what news? Nothing new in my life.

“MJF tweeted you!”


If you’re a techy dialed into the Microsoft world I bet you have heard of Mary Jo Foley. MJF is the reporter that covers Microsoft and has written for ZDNet, the author of Microsoft 2.0 and co-host of the popular podcast Windows Weekly.

She started a series on behalf of ITUnity called Community Champs that highlights a different person in the community. I’m flattered she chose to cover me this week.

As I’m working on the first course in my new training business, Voitanos, this is especially welcomed:

“When your title is “Chief Course Artisan,” you better be good at crafting courses. Connell, a frequent conference speaker, co-host of the “Microsoft Cloud Show” podcast, and founder of a training and education company focused on Office 365, Azure and SharePoint, definitely fills the bill.”

Thanks Mary Jo!

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