I’ll be presenting at SPTechCon Boston - August 24-27, 2015

Monday, August 3, 2015 7:55 AM

SP TechCon Boston 2015

The SharePoint Technology Conference (aka: SPTechCon) is heading back to Boston this August! I love this show and they have a killer line up of speakers & sessions this year! This is not one to miss!

And better yet, if you register with the promo code CONNELL you’ll get an additional $200 off a full conference pass!

I’m doing a half-day workshop on Monday afternoon, August 24, on Build Secure Enterprise Angular Apps That Leverage Various Microsoft Tech. What’s this session all about? Well here’s the abstract:

Are you building Angular apps for enterprise customers? You likely need to talk to secured services, you need to lock down parts of your app and you need to maintain good application structure to name a few things. In this workshop we’ll build an enterprise Angular app from start to finish in TypeScript and secure sections of the app using Microsoft’s Azure Active Directory. Well see how we can access a user’s mailbox to use their email, contacts and calendar that resides in Office 365. We’ll store files within the user’s OneDrive files. You’ll see how to store collaborative data within lists in Office 365.

In addition to the workshop, I’m also presenting three breakout sessions throughout the week:

Moving from SharePoint Fully Trusted Code Solutions to SharePoint Add-ins

While still supported, the time is now to start moving away from SharePoint solutions written using fully trusted code (FTC) and towards the SharePoint Add-in model (formerly called the App Model). This session is all about covering tried and real world patterns & practices for moving from classic SharePoint farm solutions to the SharePoint add-in model. After explaining the high-level changes and mindset adjustments you need to make, we will look at some common examples. Finally you’ll be left with a wealth of resources that you can refer back to when making this mindshift from FTC to add-ins.

Introduction to Node.js for the SharePoint and Office 365 Developer

Have you heard about this thing called Node.js. They actually got JavaScript to run on the server? Are you kidding me!? Nope… and there are some very good reasons why you should consider it for your next SharePoint or Office 365 app project. In this class, you will learn what Node.js is, how to create a simple site and walk away with some resources on where to go from there.

Office 365 REST API Deep Dive

Microsoft’s fastest growing product, Office 365, is where enterprises are moving so much of their business data. As a developer you build applications for the business but in today’s world, we spend so much time jumping between different applications and platforms. Now, with the vast array of Office 365 APIs, we can integrate our user’s personal & business data right into our custom applications. In this session we’ll look at the different APIs available to us as developers and how we can incorporate the data into our custom applications.

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