I’m Presenting At Microsoft’s Build Conference

Wednesday, April 29, 2015 8:50 AM

… and if you told me a year ago what my sessions were on, I’d tell you that you were freaking bat ** crazy. This is my first Build conference, and I’m honored to be presenting a few sessions on some edge technologies on behalf of the Office group.

What tech? This week I will be talking about TypeScript, Node.js, AzureAD and Office 365 APIs to implement stand alone websites as well as Office Add Ins. One thing I’ve grown to really love about working with Node.js is that it runs everywhere and all the editors can support it.

My two sessions are as follows:

  • **699 - Build - 699 - Building Office Add-ins using Node JS
    **_Thursday, April 30 2015, 6:30p-7:30p
    _Andrew Connell and Jeremy Thake will show you how to build a web application using Node.JS. This session will walk you through the steps to get started with Node.JS and the plumbing needed for Apps for Office. They will show how to build Apps for Office in both Outlook and Excel that talk to the Office.JS. End to end solutions will be used to show the power of the App Model for the End Users who never have to leave the product they live and breathe in to surface more business context than ever before.
  • **689 - Building a Single Page App Using Angular and Typescript Using Office 365 APIs
    **_Friday, May 1 2015, 10:30p-11:30p
    _Fresh from presenting at ng-conf in March, Andrew Connell, Dan Wahlin, and Jeremy Thake will show you how to build a single page application using the Angular and TypeScript frameworks. They will show how to leverage the ADAL.JS framework to call the Office 365 APIs using cross-origin resource sharing (CORS). The session will explain the benefits of using Typescript strongly typing alongside the Office 365 APIs and the Angular framework. An end to end solution will be used, called the Expense Manager framework, which leverages the OneDrive for Business, Sites and Mail/Calendar/Contacts API.

My choice these days for JavaScript development is WebStorm because is blacking fast and lightweight. My other choice is to work natively on OS X. While a big change for some, huge best part is you can use Visual Studio on Windows or whatever. These apps can run on any platform that has a Node.js runtime. l challenge you to show me a platform that doesn’t have a Node.js runtime.

That’s why my other talks are a pair of 15m express talks at the Office booth showing how to run these apps in a Raspberry Pi. Big shout out to Sonya Koptyev for pushing me to do this one. It’s a pretty simple demo, but as you can see from this video of demo, it works. If you’re at Build, come see the express talk, Running Office 365 Apps on a Raspberry Pi2 with AzureAD & Node.js on Thursday at 11:10a or Friday at 1:35p.

Will you be at Build? Got questions about this? Catch me at my sessions or find me in the Office booth as I’ll be holding hours a few times this week.

Not at Build? Will you be at Ignite next week? I’m doing a lot of the same stuff there… early in the week.

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