I’m Presenting At Microsoft’s Ignite Conference

Wednesday, April 29, 2015 8:57 AM

On the heels of Build, I’m heading straight to Chicago for microsoft’s Ignite conference. This is the third conference Ina row after SharePoint Evolutions in London, then Build in San Francisco so you’ll have to understand why I’m only sticking around until Tuesday afternoon.

To kick it off, I’m co-hosting a full day workshop with my good friend Scot Hillier on Sunday:

  • **Office 365 Developer On-Ramp
    **Are you an Office & SharePoint developer looking to come up to speed on Office 365 development with modern web technologies? Do you want to understand key technologies in order to get the most out of Microsoft Ignite breakout sessions? If you answered yes, then this workshop is for you. The Office 365 Development On-Ramp prepares developers to dive deep into Office 365 development. The morning session covers the Office 365 development prerequisites, including WebAPI, REST/OData, OAuth, jQuery, Knockout, & Angular. The afternoon session then builds on what developers learn in the morning & shows how to use these web development languages & technologies to develop apps that integrate with Office 365.

I’m tackling the afternoon session and plan to cover AzureAD, creating Azure apps and the three different OAuth flows supported by Office 365. Then I’ll jump in and talk about the different Office 365 APIs available to developers and show not only how to work with them but a bunch of samples demonstrating them.

On Monday at 1:05p - 1:35p, I am going to deliver a brief 25 minute talk for Pluralsight on Office 365 Extensibility Opportunities. This will be held in the Partner area, Lounge C.

My only breakout session delivery will be on Tuesday at 10:45a - 12:00p 1:30p-2:45p where I will continue with the topics I delivered at build in a session titled Building Business Apps Like they do in the Valley with Angular, Node.js and more… Where “more” will be showing them working on a Raspberry Pi2! Crazy stuff eh?

While I won’t spend too much time talking about the Raspberry Pi bit, I’ll deliver a brief 15 minute express talk at the Office theatre showing how to get it working on Tuesday at 2:50p 11:35a titled Running Office 365 Apps on a Raspberry Pi 2 with Azure AD & Node.js. It’s a pretty simple demo, but as you can see from this video of demo, it works.

I hope to see you there at the conference!

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