I’m Presenting at SPTechCon in Boston this August

Friday, May 3, 2013 9:11 PM

SpTechCon Boston 2013

In just a few months from now the annual SharePoint Technology Conference, aka SPTechCon, will be held again in downtown Boston, one of the best cities in the world. At this show I’m going to present three sessions which are:

Building SharePoint Hosted Apps as Single Page Apps Unlike cloud apps, SharePoint Hosted Apps cannot have a server footprint on the SharePoint host. Instead all custom business logic is manifested and runs within the user’s browser. This can prove to be a challenge with some developers who are used to working with the server-side object model in SharePoint. In this session you’ll learn some tricks on how to make JavaScript / client-side development easier and at the same time how you can make your SharePoint Hosted App into a single-page app that’s very responsive and user friendly very quickly!

Real World Workflows with Visual Studio 2012, Workflow Manager and Web Services In this session we’ll explore what’s new with workflow in SharePoint 2013 from an architecture, capability & development perspective. You’ll learn how the SharePoint 2013 now relies on Workflow Manager, both on-premises and in the cloud, top provide a much more reliable and scalable workflow platform. We’ll explore new capabilities such as loops, web service calls and the new DynamicValue data type. In addition you’ll also learn how to create, deploy and leverage custom workflow actions.

Building a Content site using SharePoint Server 2013 Web Content Management: Start to Finish Microsoft made significant investments in SharePoint 2013 in the area of Web Content Management (WCM). In this latest release WCM has been re-architected to leverage taxonomies for navigation and search and serving content directly out of the search index. In this demo-heavy session you will see how to create a WCM site, implement a managed navigation using taxonomies and surface content from across multiple data sources, how to implement a custom brand and leverage search to its fullest potential in creating rich and dynamic content-based sites!

Now for the interesting part… if you register before May 31 you can save $500 on the registration. But wait, there’s more. If you register and enter my last name (CONNELL) you can save an additional $200 on your registration!

Don’t delay!

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