I'm Presenting at the SharePoint Evolutions Conference 2013 Next Week @spevo13

Thursday, April 11, 2013 6:31 AM
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SharePoint Evolutions Conference 2013

I love this conference! Next week the SharePoint Evolutions Conference 2013 will be held in London over the course of three days. This conference always holds the best attendees, content, speakers and discussions… it raises the bar for everyone else. At this show I'm involve in three sessions, but technically I'm really only doing two sessions

Session #1: SharePoint 2013 & Workflow

On Monday from 2:45p - 3:45p I'm presenting DEV204 - Workflow: Real World Workflows with Visual Studio 2012, Workflow Manager and Web Services which is described as follows:

In this session we'll explore what's new with workflow in SharePoint 2013 from an architecture, capability & development perspective. You’ll learn how the SharePoint 2013 now relies on Workflow Manager, both on-premises and in the cloud, top provide a much more reliable and scalable workflow platform. We’ll explore new capabilities such as loops, web service calls and the new DynamicValue data type. In addition you'll also learn how to create, deploy and leverage custom workflow forms, tasks and events.

I have a bunch of demos that will show you tons of things. We'll also look at what's new with the latest updates to Service Bus 1.0, Workflow Manager 1.0, SharePoint 2013 and the developer tools that have come out over the last few months in February and March Cumulative Updates & Public Updates. You'll see how to create custom forms (association & initiation), how to use the workflow CSOM, how to publish custom events to your workflows in flight, how to create custom tasks with custom outcomes, how to create state machine, sequential and flow chart workflows and how to call & parse web service requests.

Session #2: SharePoint 2013, SharePoint Hosted Apps & Single Page Apps

The on Tuesday, Ben Robb & I will “co-present” two sessions back to back from 1:45p - 2:45p & 3:00p - 4:00p on the following: P&M309 & P&M310 - Building a Learning Management System in SharePoint 2013, Office 2013 & Windows 8 which is described as follows:

SharePoint 2013, office 2013 and Windows 8 have been finalized and in the public's hands for a few months now. In this series of presentations you'll see how to incorporate all these products to create a unified user experience by building a learning management system. In part 1 Andrew will show you how to create the management portion using SharePoint, Windows Azure to create new learning paths with actions for participants to perform & check off to earn a certificate. In Part 2 Ben will also show you how to create the end user experience. Users will be able to enroll in a learning path and progress through the various learning items using SharePoint or Windows 8.

I put the “co-present” in quotes because it is really a two-part session that goes together… I'm presenting the first part (creating & managing Learning Paths with Learning Items in a SharePoint App and Azure hosted service) and Ben shows how to consume & interact with it in the second part of the session. We did this session as a single session (referred to as “Beyond the Boundary”) at the SharePoint Conference 2012 last fall but we were crunched into a single timeslot. For this one I've completely rebuilt my management app. My management app is built as a SharePoint Hosted App in SharePoint 2013 and leverages workflows for some custom back-end logic. In this session you'll learn something else quite cool: how to build a single page app (referred to these days as a SPA) in SharePoint. You might have heard of these techniques or seen the likes of John Papa evangelize the technique. I'm using all kinds of external libraries for lifecycle management, UX, animations and such to show you how to build a real responsive and flexible application in a single app very quickly!

Both presentations are developer sessions and I promise to be minimal on slides and very heavy on working demos. At the start of both sessions attendees will get a link to download all the demos so you can follow along without worrying about scribbling notes or just to take away for later reference!

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