I’m Presenting at the SharePoint Evolutions Conference 2015 in London this April

Thursday, February 19, 2015 10:57 AM
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For the last few years I get to write this post and it’s so much fun each time. After taking a year off from the standard April conference and doing a roadshow through the UK that I got to participate in last summer, they are back in 2015!

From April 20-22, 2015 in London you’ll find some of the best attendees, vendors, presentations, speakers & experience of any conference in the world… yup, big statement but every year they back it up. It’s the SharePoint Evolutions Conference 2015! I love participating in this show as it really makes you step up your game with your peers as a presenter which makes for great content for the attendees!

Those familiar with my work may notice that two of my sessions sound like I’ve done them before… well I have. But for Evo, I’m working to give them major overhauls and refreshes for new & updated content. So what am I presenting on?

  • **Building SharePoint Single Page Apps with AngularJS
    **SharePoint 2013 enables developers to create two different kinds of apps: cloud apps and SharePoint-Hosted Apps. The latter type, SharePoint-Hosted Apps, mean that the majority, if not all, of the application runs within the client. In this session you’ll learn how to build a SharePoint-Hosted Application using the popular presentation framework AngularJS. We will cover how to best structure your projects and leverage the SharePoint REST API & CSOM to create a great experience for your users, all without refreshing the page!
  • **BreezeJS Makes Client-Side SharePoint 2013 REST Development a… BREEZE!
    **SharePoint 2013 gives developers two options for accessing their data remotely using either the client side object model (CSOM) or OData… also known as REST. Both provide different methods for getting data and have their own advantages as well as disadvantages. For those of us who prefer the REST option, we know there are a few challenges in that we have a lot of plumbing we need to write. In this session you’ll learn how the free and open source library Breeze turns working with the SharePoint REST API a breeze! Breeze brings validation, entity checks, batching, change tracking, and client-side caching to the client… think an ORM like Entity Framework in JavaScript! In this session you’ll learn how to set it up, how to configure it, how to write different types of queries and then how to even use some really slick data validation capabilities in the browser!
  • **Using TypeScript and Office 365 Enterprise Services in AngularJS Applications
    **File management, permissions/access control, email, and calendars/scheduling all play an important role in various enterprise scenarios. Do you build these types of features yourself or leverage an existing backend that can do most of the heavy lifting for you? Do you use regular JavaScript or go with an ES6-like language such as TypeScript? In this session you’ll learn about the benefits of using TypeScript and AngularJS to integrate enterprise features into your applications using Office 365 enterprise services.

I’m really looking forward to these… best of all, maybe you notice a theme here? Yup, 100% of my talks are client-side & JavaScript focused! Not hip to JavaScript? No worries… I’ll explain why I’m a huge fan and hopefully open your mind a bit.

Another thing that they are doing at Evo is adding a 4th day to the conference called the Dev Training Day put on by Microsoft. This event will be put on by Microsoft’s Jeremy Thake & Vesa Juvonen. This will be a hands on workshop so make sure you have a Office 365 tenant, Visual Studio 2013 on your laptop & I’d also recommend an Azure subscription tied to your Office 365 tenant. Do this ahead of time!

Looking forward to seeing everyone at the show!

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