Interviewed on the Azure Podcast: #46 SharePoint Apps on Azure

Monday, October 6, 2014 7:01 AM

Last week I was interviewed by the hosts of the the Azure Podcast where we talked about a few things related to SharePoint and Azure. This is one of my favorite podcasts that’s related to Azure as it’s buy three Microsoft guys, two in MCS and one in Azure support, where they talk about the latest news in the Azure space. I reached out to them a few times to comment on their episodes which started a bit of a discussion around SharePoint Apps so we thought we should have a show on the topic.

The hosts had heard of SharePoint Apps but they aren’t in the SharePoint space. As you might expect I got a few questions about what is the SharePoint App Model and are companies adopting this customization and extension model that was introduced in SharePoint 2013.

From my perspective a lot of companies look at the app model with trepidation and skepticism wondering if it will be around in the future. This if for good reason as Microsoft did the whole “one version & done” with the sandboxed solutions in SharePoint 2010. Any reasonable business should evaluate something and the vendor’s past performance should play an impact in this.

We went on to talk about how Azure plays a role in SharePoint today and even dipped our toes into the waters of my development environment where I work primarily on OS X instead of Windows and how I do command line management of my Azure subscriptions without Windows PowerShell.

Interested in hearing more? Check out episode #46 of the Azure Podcast: SharePoint Apps on Azure.

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