JaxSPUG January Meeting: SharePoint 2013 & Office 365 Workflow – Automate Your Business Processes

Tuesday, January 13, 2015 5:57 AM
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Later this week I'll be at the local JaxSPUG user group meeting in Jacksonville, FL to talk about workflow. This isn't a developer session like I would normally do… this presentation is going to be for everyone. I'll have a dab of SharePoint Designer in there, a dab of Visual Studio and we'll see how what Microsoft has done in SharePoint 2013 and Office 365 is a huge step forward.

Are you looking to quickly get up to speed on workflows in SharePoint 2013? Later in January I'm presenting a 2-day seminar that's available in person as well as live, online, on workflows with Critical Path Training: Office 365 & SharePoint Deep Dive into Developing Custom Workflows. Interested? Check out the agenda and register here!

Here's a description of my topic: SharePoint 2013 introduced some pretty big changes to workflow in this latest release… but these were great changes! The platform is now more reliable and flexible for you to create custom solutions to automate your business processes and best of all, there’s virtually nothing you can do in one type of deployment that you can’t do in the other (in the sense of SharePoint Online vs. SharePoint on-premises). In this presentation you’ll see how everything works, how and when to use SharePoint Designer to create your custom workflows and when you want to use Visual Studio. Furthermore, you will get a bit of a picture on when other workflow product vendors like K2 and Nintex make the most sense to bring into the picture.

I will also extend a 20% discount to my upcoming workflow seminar (both live & live online) to all attendees as well as raffel off a free seat to one lucky participant!

Interested in attending? Register here: JaxSPUG January Meeting: SharePoint 2013 & Office 365 Workflow – Automate Your Business Processes.

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