Join me at the Collab365 SharePoint Summit

Thursday, August 29, 2019 9:53 AM

Collab365 SharePoint Summit

In just a few days, from September 10-12, 2019, the folks at Collab365 are putting on a FREE ONLINE SharePoint Summit! This event spans a few days and consists of quite a few presentations by SharePoint professionals all over the world. You’ll find dev content, IT Pro content and adoption content!

I’m presenting one session for those of you developers who are new or know nothing about the SharePoint Framework:

Understand & Get Started with the SharePoint Framework Development Story

Are you new to the SharePoint Framework? Is this new development environment confusing to you? Often the most complicated part of a new project is just installing the tools, knowing what versions to install and what tools you need! In this webinar you will learn about your toolset for SPFx development: Node.js, NPM, Yeoman, VS Code, Webpack… but most importantly you’ll lean what you can ignore, and what to focus on.

Best part, it’s free! Register today! Collab365 SharePoint Summit

But that’s not all, they also have a bunch of awesome offers you can choose to purchase such as the ALL ACCESS PASS to get access to the videos from this summit, other summits (they also run summits for Flow, Teams, PowerApps & SharePoint). This is a fantastic resource and deal for your org.

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