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Join me at Ignite 2019 & SPFest Chicago for SharePoint Framework Development

A few weeks ago I posted that I am going to be in Prague in early December for ESPC 2019 speaking on SharePoint Framework development. Check that post of a change to one of my sessions. One of them was replaced in favor of a new session on setting up automated testing on your SharePoint Framework projects.

But that’s not why I am writing this post…

Recently I got word that I’ll be at two more conferences in 2019.

Ignite 2019 - Orlando, FL, November 4-8, 2019

Hopefully you’ve already registered if you are interested, because Ignite 2019 is already sold out! I have two things booked for Ignite, one breakout session & a live Microsoft Cloud Show show. No word yet on when these will be during the week, but I’ll update the post with the details.

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Leverage React in SharePoint Framework Solutions

SharePoint Framework solutions can be built using any client-side technology available to developers today. While you could use plain old JavaScript (TypeScript), also known as VanillaJS, why not consider React? Microsoft is not only leveraging React in their components throughout Office 365, but there are a lot of benefits to using React in your SharePoint Framework solutions. Assuming you’re new to React, come learn the basics of adding React to your SharePoint Framework solutions, as well as using some of the popular Fabric React controls from Microsoft and community controls as well!

SharePoint Fest - Chicago, IL, December 9-13, 2019

Capping off the conference tour for the year is SPFest’s bookend show of the year in Chicago is back! I’ll head straight from Prague to Chicago where I’ve got a full schedule. I’ve said it before (and hopefully I’ll have the op in 2020 to say it many more times), but I absolutely love the SPFest conferences.

The people at SPFest always put on such a great show with great content. The physical layout of the Chicago conference is especially fantastic for the attendees because the sessions, meal-hall and expo area are all in one spot. This makes it very easy to network and get to your sessions.

Will you be there? Find me in the conference app once it’s published if you want to meetup! The conference organizers will email everyone who’s registered when the app is available. Also check out the conference attendee Facebook group (you must be a registered attendee to be accepted).

Full-Day Workshop (WRK402) Developers! Learn how to use the SharePoint Framework to Customize and Extend SharePoint

The best way you can customize and extend your SharePoint site is using the SharePoint Framework (SPFx), the latest evolution of SharePoint development. This model is the way you customize and extend the SharePoint modern experience in both SharePoint Online and SharePoint Server 2016 & SharePoint Server 2019. Some SPFx components can also be used in classic sites as well!

If you are an experienced solution-based SharePoint developer or new to the SharePoint platform, this workshop is for you. You will learn how to get started installing everything you need on your workstation for developing with the SharePoint Framework before we dive in.

By the end of the day, you will know how to build web parts, application customizers, field customizers, command sets, how to deploy your components in a performant way, integrate data from SharePoint and third-party sources, style your components and more!

(DEV101) Introducing the SharePoint Framework

Microsoft announced a new development model, the SharePoint Framework, to respond to emerging web technologies & address customer requests for better extensibility options at their Future of SharePoint event in May of 2016.

In this presentation join SharePoint MVP Andrew Connell to find out what this new development model is all about. We will first cover what you need to do to configure and setup your developer environment so you can hit the ground running to then get up to speed on the SharePoint Framework (SPFx) and learn how to create custom client side web parts for SharePoint Online in Office 365.

Regardless if you are a developer new to SharePoint development or a seasoned SharePoint developer, this is for you!

(DEV204) Creating & Consuming 3rd Party Services with the SharePoint Framework

The SharePoint Framework enables developers to build client-side customizations for SharePoint Online. While you can do a lot client-side the need for server-side code still exists in many scenarios such as protecting IP and data as well as performing complex processes.

In this demo-first session, you will learn how to call 3rd party services from SharePoint Framework (SPFx) solutions, as well as how to create Azure AD secured REST APIs that you can call from the SPFx as well!

(AZR302) Azure Application Insights: Add Application Telemetry & Monitoring to your Web Apps!

You’ve got a website, but how well is it running? You’ve built your application, but do you know how people are using it?

In this session, you will learn what Azure Application Insights is, a free service offered by Microsoft Azure and what you can do with it. Sure, it’s easy to setup Application Insights with some live analytics, but did you know you can set up your own custom dashboards and alerts to monitor the health of your application?

That’s not all… you can use Application Insights to also track logging data, track custom events and even track the telemetry of specific users.

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Andrew Connell
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