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Like .Text? Don't want to be forced into Community Server? Hello SubText!


Are you one of those poor souls, like me, who likes .Text and just can’t make the move to Community Server for one reason or another? I did, and I just started making my own mods to the .Text source. Well, the dude over at you’ve been HAACKED decided to do something about it on his own.

His project, SubText , is a fork of the v0.95 source of .Text and is taking it further. He’s posted a few things about it on his blog (see references below) as well as setting up a project site on SourceForge (I’m pretty sure I’m moving my free projects there as well… until I see GotDotNet have an overhaul and regain it’s reputation… but I digress). So far I see him +6 other people on his project working on future versions.

I have a bunch of ideas to add to my site. My problem is time… work keeps me busy during the day, a new baby at home keeps me occupied until he crashes, and then there’s all the personal time doing other fun stuff. Maybe I just junk my engine and jump on board the SubText team to provide some functionality I’m looking for? Maybe just keep doing what I’m doing but watch their direction? Hopefully they’ll have a nice migration path for those who are .Text v0.95 users (and haven’t butchered their database).

Some of the items on their roadmap interest me:

  • Installer: this is BY FAR the most needed
  • Search with Lucrene (got that on my list)
  • When admins are logged in, a link will take them straight to the edit of a post in the admin module (GREAT idea!)
  • Better comment management dealing with spam, filtering rules, & auto expiration
  • Upgrade of the FreeTextBox
  • 100% purely skinnable via CSS
  • Mono support… just curious to see how it’s implemented

This is definately something I’ll keep my eye on. For now, charge on guys!

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Andrew Connell
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