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MCMS News from TechEd USA 2005

Today Arpan Shah held his first TechEd session of the week, PRT331 - Content Management Server: Accelerating Your Development and Deployment, packed in with lots of great news, demo’s, and a new offering for MCMS 2002! The best part: for those of us who are familiar with MCMS, only about 2 minutes of the entire presentation was overview for those not familiar. I’d like to highlight the key news that Arpan mentioned in his presentation…

Skelta Workflow FREE for MCMS: Last year it was telerik who made news with giving away r.a.d.Editor Lite for free for MCMS 2002 sites. Then earlier this year Coveo started giving away their Enterprise Search product (a fully functional version with no expiration good up to 5000 assets in your MCMS site). This year it’s Skelta’s workflow: Skelta CMS Workflow Lite

The free license is similar to Coveo’s approach (no, I’m not saying it’s limited to 5,000 assets/workflows), but you’ll have the same type of license where you’d get the fully functionable product with the only limitation of 25 concurrent workflows. If this isn’t enough for you, you can do a seamless upgrade from Lite to Enterprise. What a great way to try the product!!!!

The CEO (Sanjay Shah) and CTO of Skelta was onhand with Arpan (as well as on the exhibitor booths) to do a slick demo of the graphical workflow designer: actually adding Skelta CMS Workflow Lite to the Woodgrove site.

The Skelta CMS Workflow Lite is going to be released at the end of July. For more information:

This is the biggest news from the session. I’ll post more later tonight/tomorrow AM. It was stuffed to the gills with great information geared towards people who are already doing MCMS development. I think even the most seasoned developer got a good refresher in this one. This wasn’t a marketing session for .NET developers who are interested in what CMS is all about. There’s another session tomorrow that I’ll give an overview of as well.

Arpan was kind enough to mention the book Iā€™m working on with a few others reguarding advanced CMS development topics. For those of you who were asking questions, if you have further questions, I hope I was able to answer as many as possible. If not, please feel free to contact me.

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