Issues caused by MCMS2002 SP1 to SP1a ISAPI filter upgrade

Upgrading a Virtual PC from MCMS2002 SP1 to SP1a added two new ISAPI filters, but didnt unregister old ones, causing issues.

I recently upgraded one of my Virtual PC’s from MCMS2002 SP1 to SP1a. After some flakyness, and a little input from Stefan Goßner , I realized that the SP1a upgrade added two new ISAPI filters, but didn’t unregister the old MCMS 2002 ISAPI filters. This doesn’t happen all the time, it’s just a fluke thing.

It wasn’t documented anywhere that I could find ( MS Support , Spencer’s MCMS KB list , Stefan’s FAQ , a Google search of the web & the MCMS newsgroup , or an MSN search of my Outlook where NewsGator stores all my blog feeds), so I’m documenting it here for those other souls who hit it.

After my upgrade, I checked the ISAPI filters registered at the root IIS website node and had the following listed:

  • Resolution HTML Packager
  • MCMS ISAPI Filter
  • MCMS HTML Packager
  • Resolution Filter

I needed to remove the two Resolution IFilters.

Andrew Connell
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Written by Andrew Connell

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