MCMS 2002 SP2 Adds New Support but Poses Challenges

MCMS 2002 SP2 adds SQL Server 2005, Visual Studio .NET 2005 and ASP.NET 2.0 support, but it poses challenges and has bugs.

The release of Service Pack 2 for MCMS 2002 includes many bug fixes but also adds support for SQL Server 2005, Visual Studio .NET 2005 and ASP.NET 2.0. The added capabilities of ASP.NET 2.0 adds many new features to the developer’s toolbox. As some may have already experienced, working on MCMS 2002 SP2 projects within VS 2005 can be a bit of a challenge. In addition, there have already been multiple problems found with SP2. However, many workarounds have been documented on various resource sites.

The goal of this page is to provide a single, consolidated list of MCMS 2002 SP2 resources. It will not include any pre-SP1 resources, just SP2 related resources. If you have a resource you think needs to be added, let me know by submitting it via my contact form.

So far all credit goes to Stefan Go├čner & Spencer’s

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MCMS 2002 post SP2 hotfixes

All links currently point to Stefan’s blog, MSFT MCMS Escalation Engineer. I’ll amend the links when they are available on

Visual Studio .NET 2005 Installation/Set up

MCMS ASP.NET 2.0 Development

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