More of my MSDN SharePoint 2013 Workflow Samples

Tuesday, April 23, 2013 3:58 PM

A few weeks ago I blogged how two samples I provided MSDN in August 2012 were recently republished using the latest SharePoint 2013, Workflow Manager and Visual Studio 2012 developer tools. Well today I’m happy to say that it appears a few more of my samples have been refreshed and republished. The samples are updated to use the latest and greatest stuff and are based on the following:

  • SharePoint 2013 RTM + the March 2013 Public Update applied
  • Service Bus 1.0 RTM + the February 2013 Cumulative Update applied
  • Workflow Manager 1.0 RTM + the February 2013 Cumulative Update applied
  • Visual Studio 2012 RTM + Update 2 applied
  • Office Developer Tools (RTM) for Visual Studio 2012

If you’re looking for links to these downloads, check out this post where I go through all the recent updates.

Here are the three samples:

  • SharePoint 2013 Workflow: Route Workflows to States Depending on Actions & Events
    This sample allows a company, such as a cable company, to better manage is fleet of vehicles. A fleet manager workflow instant starts when a new vehicle is added to the fleet (as an item in a SharePoint list). Three months (simulated in the sample as three minutes, but easily changed) following the last maintenance cycle, the workflow instance takes the vehicle out of service and assigns a task to the maintenance department to do an oil change. When the task is completed, the vehicle is put back in service. If out-of-cycle maintenance is required on a vehicle, the app allows users to enter a maintenance request. This maintenance request page sends a custom event to the workflow to put the vehicle into maintenance.
  • SharePoint 2013 Workflow: Call a Workflow in an App using a Remote Event Receiver
    This sample demonstrates two core concepts. First, it demonstrates how to create a remote event receiver that calls out to a remote service when a list item is created. It then demonstrates how the remote event receiver service can use the client object model (CSOM) to find a workflow association and start a new instance of the workflow on a specific list item while also passing values into the workflow.
  • SharePoint 2013 Workflow: Approval Workflow that Uses a Custom Initiation Form
    This basic workflow scenario supports a document review and approval/reject process. The workflow starts when a document is added to a specified “Drafts” SharePoint library. The workflow assigns a task to a reviewer, who evaluates the draft, makes comments as necessary, and then concludes the task by either routing the document back to the writer for revisions, or forwarding it to the editor for editing and release. Additional tasks are assigned, depending on the branch. If the document was returned to the writer for revisions, the writer completes the revision task, and the workflow loops back to the reviewer. When the document is forwarded to the editor, the task completion adds the finished doc to another document library named” manuscripts.”
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