[MSCloudShow] Recently Published Episodes 21 & 22

Tuesday, March 25, 2014 10:59 AM

I’m a little late on these updates as last week I was on vacation and mostly offline with my family vacationing in the beautiful paradise of Hawaii… what an incredible place!

However I did want to mention that two episodes of my podcast have been published, one last week (episode #21) and one today (episode #22). In Episode 21 - SharePoint Conference 2014 Recap, my co-host CJ and I talked a little more in-depth about what we saw and collected from the recent SharePoint show in the desert of Las Vegas. We also included an interview with Scot Hillier on his thoughts about the current theme for SharePoint developers.

And then, in today’s episode, Episode 22 - Show Co-Host Chris Johnson Goes Back to Microsoft, I interviewed my co-host CJ about his recent move back to Microsoft. Want to learn how this move will affect our podcast as well as our startup, Kerrb? We cover it in this show!

One theme you see across both of these episodes is a change in the attitude of Microsoft. As I said in episode 21, you see a real change in the tune from Microsoft being a lot more engaged with the community. I’m also thrilled with the move by CJ as it shows a lot of promise for Office 365 as a developer platform, not to mention the move by Jeremy Thake joining CJ’s team! I think we’ll see a lot of great news related to Office 365 coming up over the course of 2014… things are certainly moving in the right direction!

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