[MSCloudShow] We want your feedback, ideas, episode suggestions, comments and questions!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014 2:05 PM

In our latest episode of the Microsoft Cloud Showepisode 28, CJ & I talked a little bit towards the end of the show about the future of the podcast. Both of us enjoy doing the podcast but what we don’t have is a lot of interaction with you… our listeners! At first we had a handful of questions submitted which we covered within the first few shows, but not much since then. Sure, we have a few awesome reviews for the show in iTunes, but we haven’t heard from you in a while!

Do you listen to the show, do you like the show, do you like or dislike what you hear? How about any episode / topic requests, interview requests, questions or just some feedback? Please let us know by coming to our site and leaving a comment on this blog post or any of the post related to episode #28 or on Twitter or Facebook. We’d love to hear form you. We do enjoy working on the podcast, but without any interaction we wonder if people like the direction we’re going or would like to see things go in a different direction.

Thanks in advance for taking just a few minutes to talk to us!

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