MVVM Light: The Author's Preferred Toolkit for Learning MVVM

Recent post on learning MVVM sparks discussion on numerous toolkits; author highlights preference for MVVM Light, available on CodePlex

A few days ago I posted my experience about learning MVVM and why I like it. Since then I’ve had a few comments & emails about the fact there are a ton of different MVVM toolkits out there. I was remiss in mentioning the one that I found to be quite useful.

For me, the toolkit that I found and use is called MVVM Light. You can download it from CodePlex . It is by Laurent Bunion . You can read up about it on his blog ( go to the getting started page ). If you have questions, check out questions tagged on StackOverflow with mvvm-light .

So why does MVVM Light appeal to me? First, it’s very simple and not very intrusive. I don’t like buying into massive toolkits… I feel like I’m handcuffed to the way they do stuff. MVVM Light has a few things that make life a bit easier:

  • Messenger: This makes it easy to have one piece of the view model listen for messages from other view models.

  • RelayCommand: This was useful before the Silverlight 4 release added commanding support. However now, if you’re doing Silverlight 4 development, I am not finding much use with this.

  • DispatcherHelper: When talking from the background thread back to the UI thread, but from within the view model where you don’t have easy access to the Dispatcher object.

  • Blendability: It helps implement the practice of writing applications that can run in Expression Blend 4 while developing them as well as running in debug/release mode.

  • MVVM Light - Getting Started - MVVM Light Toolkit

Andrew Connell
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Written by Andrew Connell

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